Importance to Organizations of Using the Art of the Storyteller

Storytelling is an art and a storyteller has more than simply reading ability, in fact a storyteller does not read a story, the story is told by them and they put soul and body. Storytelling is not simply reading sadly that is what we experience in events and churches and often even that is done without clinic or passion so it is no surprise that our tradition has diminished over the centuries. Sadly most of our Stories now have turned. Everything is provided for you in animation and film in order for your brain becomes numb and switches off. Compare this scenario well told and you will see the difference. Compare a few of the classics of today like the Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien or Harry potter by JK Rowling where we read the stories for ourselves and our imaginations build the attributes into wonderful castles and mountainous scenes and the characters into living breathing individuals with their own particular looks and voices then once we go to watch the movie there is something wrong.

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The people do not look quite as we imagined and they behave differently and their voices do not match with our expectations and the areas just do not look right. The difference is immense the difference in how we react and respond is immense and when we look at it. Our brains like to be stimulated into action and that is why storytelling is vital. TheseĀ Episode Hack Free Gems story experiences when we do they could send us to sleep since the mind is not being stimulated into involvement or may put us off going back to events so it decides to switch off.

A story book that is fantastic will engage people who can read but their audience will be engaged by a storyteller regardless of its magical to see the faces of the congregation or audience light up when this occurs and what their reading level from the start. Folks become involved with the story and become part of the narrative, possibly in the background but the narrative as it unfolds is there breathing and living. This is the magical given to us by a storyteller that is professional that is excellent. Very good professional Storytellers can be tough to find but they are precious and worth their weight in gold also. We all have stories to tell no matter if it is in a church or in a company then we will win the hearts of our customers when we could get our stories across and where we want to win clients. Storytelling is more than only a skill; it is very magical and a gift.