What Does Medical Marijuana Doctors Do with Your Mental Health?

Although there’s no doubt that cannabis is dangerous, it has been debated for many years about the potential health effects of cannabis on mental health. What does the science tell us? Before we dive into the science and research, it is important to realize that cannabis is widely used. It is the most commonly used illicit drug in many countries, and it is also the case in many other parts of the globe. It is legal in some parts of the world and part of our culture. To show their humanity, politicians have admitted to having tried it at least once.

Marijuana Cannabis

However, trying cannabis and regularly using it are two completely different things. It is the frequent users who are most at risk. There is no doubt that cannabis use can have a negative impact on your mental health. It can also cause a variety of problems. Studies on depression have shown that cannabis can reduce inflammation. 3 Because of its chemical compounds, particularly THC and CBD. Actual healing can occur, not just symptom-mapping. It can also restore damaged parts of the brain, and improve the immune system. It is non-toxic and cost-effective, with very few side effects.

The Reefer Madness movie propagandist of 1936 and the subsequent 1937 Marihuana Tax Act promoted the stigmatization Trust in doctors and the things they prescribe. There is a general lack of information about cannabis use for therapeutic purposes, and not recreational.

Research has shown that cannabis use is associated with the following:

Delusions, psychosis, and hallucinations

This list includes confusion, disturbed emotions and behaviours, and muffled speech. Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder that can be caused by cannabis. We have all heard of it. Baltimore marijuana doctor suggests that cannabis may cause schizophrenia in those already at high risk. People who are at high risk for schizophrenia do not realize it. This makes smoking a single joint of cannabis more dangerous than you might think.

Although there is not any evidence to support this, it is commonly believed that cannabis can cause depression. The evidence suggests that cannabis users are more likely than others to suffer from depression. However, the exact cause of the depression is still unknown. This could be due to a common misconception that cannabis makes people happier. However, it is possible for the opposite to be true. Cannabis users may also suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and fatigue. Suicides among young people can also be linked to cannabis use. What does all this evidence mean? Is it worth trying cannabis? Should you quit using cannabis if you are a regular user? There are risks associated with cannabis use, just like any other drug, even legal ones such as alcohol or tobacco. While you may not have any problems with cannabis, it is possible to use it regularly throughout your life.